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What happens at the “deterrent buffet”?
  • A
    The pilot cannot prevent pitch down movement.
  • B
    The pilot cannot prevent pitch up movement.
  • C
    The pilot feels the need to leave those conditions.
  • D
    The pilot is unable to recover.

Refer to figure.

  • At buffet initiation, the pilot starts to feel airfl ow separation on wings upper surface.
  • The buffet onset corresponds by defi nition to 1.3 g (corresponding to 40° of bank angle in level fl ight).
  • The “deterrent buffet” is so strong that any pilot will feel he/she needs to leave these buffet conditions. It corresponds to one of the definitions of stall and is considered to be the stall limit on a jet transport aircraft.

Deterrent Buffet - the airplane exhibits sufficient buffet that the flight crew will be deterred from commanding even higher AOA.

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