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(For this question use annex ECQB-032-022-v2015-03).
Given the following information, what is the rate of climb at an altitude of 12000 ft?

Gross Mass: 2950 lb
Temperature: ISA +15° C
QNH: 1013 hPa
HWC: 10 kt
Climb power: Full throttle
Speed: 120 kt IAS

  • A
    1160 ft/min
  • B
    1090 ft/min
  • C
    1260 ft/min
  • D
    1420 ft/min
Refer to figure.
  1. Start at the intersection of 12 000 ft line with the ISA +15 line.
  2. Continue horizontally to the right and intersect the vertical line of the diagram.
  3. Continue diagonally upwards until intersecting the 2950 lb vertical line.
  4. Continue horizontally towards the right to read the result = 1 160 ft/min.

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