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(For this question use annex ECQB-032-029-v2015-06 or CAP 697 Figure 3.5).
What is the Endurance without reserves for a flight at FL140 with an OAT of -13° C and at the Economy power setting?
  • A
    4:57 h
  • B
    4:24 h
  • C
    5:25 h
  • D
    6:18 h
Refer to figure.
(1) Enter the graph on the left scate at a value of 14 000 ft.
(2) Draw a horizontal line until you intersect the 65% power reference line in the right section of the graph (Endurance with no reserve).
(3) Continue vertically down and read a result of approx. 4.95 h (approx 4 h 57 min)

Note: According to the note at the top-right corner of the graph, ECONOMY power setting = 65%.

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