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A red pyrotechnic discharged from aerodrome control to an aircraft in flight means…

  • A
    notwithstanding any previous instructions, do not land for the time being.
  • B
    aerodrome unsafe, do not land.
  • C
    slow down speed to minimum, give way to other aircraft in the circuit and continue circling.
  • D
    return for approach, clearance to land to be expected on final.

Refer to figure.
ICAO Annex 2

4.1 Light and pyrotechnic signals

From Aerodrome Control to Aircraft in-flight

  • Steady green - Cleared to land
  • Steady red - Give way to other aircraft and continue circling
  • Series of green flashes - Return for landing*
  • Series of red flashes - Aerodrome unsafe, do not land
  • Series of white flashes - Land at this aerodrome and proceed to apron*
  • Red pyrotechnic - Notwithstanding any previous instructions, do not land for the time being

* Clearances to land and to taxi will be given in due course.

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