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Which of the following is correct regarding the stall warning system?
  • A
    It prevents the aircraft from entering a deep stall.
  • B
    It warns the pilots that the aircraft has stalled.
  • C
    It warns the pilots about an impending stall.
  • D
    It prevents the aircraft from stalling.

A stall warning system is designed to alert the pilots of an impending stall, which occurs when the airflow over the wings becomes disrupted, causing a loss of lift. This can happen when an aircraft is flown at too low of a speed, or at too steep of an angle of attack. The stall warning system is typically triggered by a decrease in air pressure on the wing's leading edge, and it usually sounds an audible alarm and/or provides a visual warning in the cockpit.

It is important to note that the stall warning system is a warning system, and it does not prevent the aircraft from entering a stall, it's a reminder for the pilots to take action to prevent the stall from happening.

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