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What is the transponder code to be used by the commander of an aircraft that is subject to unlawful interference?
  • A
    A 7700
  • B
    A 7800
  • C
    A 7500
  • D
    A 7600

ICAO Doc 8168

.6.1 If there is unlawful interference with an aircraft in flight, the pilot-in-command shall attempt to set the transponder to Mode A Code 7500 in order to indicate the situation. If circumstances so warrant, Code 7700 should be used instead.

1.6.2 If a pilot has selected Mode A Code 7500 and has been requested to confirm this code by ATC (in accordance with 1.1.5), the pilot shall, according to circumstances, either confirm this or not reply at all.

Note.— If the pilot does not reply, ATC will take this as confirmation that the use of Code 7500 is not an inadvertent false code selection.

  • Mnemonics
    75 => Man with a knife (7500 for a Hijack)
    76 => I need a radio fix (7600 for Lost com/radio failure)
    77 => Going to heaven (7700 for Emergency)

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