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What does the Electronic Engine Computer (EEC) primarily control in an aircraft.
  • A
    Aircraft systems
  • B
    Cockpit displays
  • C
    Fuel and engine functions
  • D
    Communication and navigation systems

Note: This might be worded somewhat differently in the exam, as the feedback was a little incomplete, but it should be close enough to recognise and answer correctly.

EEC stands for Electronic Engine Controller/Computer, and its function is in the name. It is a computer that replaces the old electromechanical engine controls, and governs things such as the fuel flow and engine indications, using data that it takes from all the engine instruments that would usually be fed to the pilots through the engine instruments in the cockpit. Effectively, it computerises the job of engine control, making our jobs as pilots a lot easier.

In recent years, more of the engine has become computerised and become FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control).

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