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Calculate the Wind Correction Angle (WCA) by using the following values:

TAS: 120 kt
Track: 135°(T)
Crosswind from left: 21 kt

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Refer to figure.
Even though not all the information is provided it can be solved in the same way as determining heading and G/S.
The particularity is that the full wind vector is not provided, 21 kts crosswind from the left means that we have a vector 90º from our left or 135º - 90º = 45º.

Determine the Wind Correction Angle (WCA) using the Flight Computer:

(1) Set Wind Direction (45º) under True Index.
(2) Mark wind Velocity (21 kt) up from center point (100 kts).
(3) Set True Course (135º) under True Index.
(4) Slide wind Velocity mark to True Air Speed (120 kt).
(5) Ground Speed reads under center: 118 kt.
(6) WCA reads between center line and wind velocity mark: approx. 10º L (-10º).

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