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The sensitive area of an ILS is the area vehicles or taxiing aircraft may not enter when:
  • A
    category I ILS operations are in progress.
  • B
    ILS operations are in progress.
  • C
    the ILS is undergoing calibration.
  • D
    category II/III ILS operations are in progress.

The ILS critical area is an area of defined dimensions about the localizer and glide path antennas where vehicles, including aircraft, are excluded during all ILS operations.
The critical area is protected because the presence of vehicles and/or aircraft inside its boundaries will cause unacceptable disturbance to the ILS signal-in-space.

The ILS sensitive area is an area extending beyond the critical area where the parking and/or movement of vehicles, including aircraft, is controlled to prevent the possibility of unacceptable interference to the ILS signal during ILS operations.
The sensitive area is protected against interference caused by large moving objects outside the critical area but still normally within the airfield boundary.

Critical areas must be protected to all times while ILS sensitive areas, should be kept clear during CAT II or CAT III operations.
Airplane must stop taxing at the rwy CAT II or CAT III holding points.

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