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Which of the following is an ILS localiser frequency?
  • A
    112.10 MHz
  • B
    108.25 MHz
  • C
    110.20 MHz
  • D
    109.15 MHz

The ILS localizer frequency appear in the Very High Frequency (VHF), ranging between 108.10 and 111.95 MHz. Only the frequencies that start with the odd decimals are used specifically as localizer frequencies. For example: 108.10, 108.15, 108.30, 108.35 etc.

The only correct answer for this question can be the frequency between 108.10 and 111.95 MHz which has an odd decimal number, so in this case 109.15 MHz.

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Frequency name Frequency Application
Very Low Frequency (VLF) 3 - 30 kHz Nil
Low Frequency (LF) 30 - 300 kHz NDB/ADF
Medium Frequency (MF) 300 - 3000 kHz NDB/ADF, long range communications
High Frequency (HF) 3 - 30 MHz Long range communications
Very High Frequency (VHF) 30 - 300 MHz Short range communication, VDF, VOR, ILS Localizer, marker beacons
Ultra High Frequency (UHF) 300 - 3000 MHz ILS Glide Path, DME, SSR, Satelite communications, GNSS, Long range radars
Super High Frequency (SHF) 3 - 30 GHz RADALT, AWR, MLS, Short range radars
Extremely High Frequency (EHF) 30 - 300 GHz Nil

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