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The function of the antenna in a radio communication system is to..
  • A
    separate the baseband signal from the carrier wave signal.
  • B
    act as a transducer between free-space propagation and transmission line propagation.
  • C
    split the electromagnetic field into separate E (Electric) and H (Magnetic) waves for transmission.
  • D
    prevent the receiver from demodulating background noise.

Radio communication works on the transmitting-receiving principle. Also known as free space propagation. To establish radio communication between 2 points, 2 antenna’s are needed to provide this communication.

In transmission, the radio transmitter supplies an electric current to the antenna’s terminals, also known as transmission line propagation, and the antenna itself radiates the radio waves from the transmitter as electromagnetic waves, also known as radio waves.

In receivers the transmission line propagation works exactly reversed. The antenna receives the electromagnetic waves to produce electric current at the terminals.

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