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What does PBN accommodate in the approach phases of flight?
  • A
    Both linear and angular laterally guided operations.
  • B
    Guidance to fly ILS/MLS/GLS procedures.
  • C
    Angular laterally guided operations only.
  • D
    Linear laterally guided operations only.

ICAO Doc 9613
1.1.4 Scope of performance-based navigation Lateral performance

For oceanic/remote, en-route and terminal phases of flight, PBN is limited to operations with linear lateral performance requirements and time constraints due to legacy reasons associated with the previous RNP concept.

In the approach phases of flight, PBN accommodates both linear and angular laterally guided operations. The guidance to fly the ILS/MLS/GLS procedure is not provided by the RNP system, consequently ILS/MLS/GLS precision approach and landing operations are not included in this Manual .

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