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Which one of the following has a limited range?
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CVOR: This was the first generation of VOR equipment. CVOR signals are emitted by a rotating antenna. These have a FM reference signal.

DVOR: Doppler VOR is an evolution of CVOR, providing improved signal quality and accuracy by reducing scalloping error. The reference signal of DVOR is amplitude-modulated and the variable signal is frequency-modulated, exactly the opposite of CVOR.

TVOR: Terminal VORs, as the name suggests, are located in terminal areas of aerodromes. These are power-limited to 50 W with a range of 25 NM. They often form part of departure and arrival structures. Therefore, these are normally positioned along the runway centreline.

VOT: The VOT, or sometimes abbreviated as VORT, is a test VOR facility sometimesprovided at aerodromesand is not used for navigation. Pilots on the ground can tune in to this facility and check the receiver accuracy of the aircraft.

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