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When comparing an elevator trim system with a stabiliser trim system, which of these statements is correct?
  • A
    An elevator trim system is able to compensate larger changes in pitching moments.
  • B
    An elevator trim system is better adapted to larger flight speed ranges.
  • C
    An elevator trim system is more suitable for aeroplanes with a large CG range.
  • D
    An elevator trim system is more sensitive to flutter.

The design of the majority of airliners and transport aircraft incorporates a trimmable horizontal stabilizer which features a fully moving horizontal tail surface. The trimmable stabilizer's primary advantage is that it provides tremendous trimming power over the full speed range of the airplane since the entire stabiliser may be moved to trim the aircraft.

The trimmable horizontal stabiliser is also less sensitive to flutter, compared to an elevator trim tab, due to its larger mass and stability. Flutter is a divergent oscillatory motion of a control surface caused by the interaction of aerodynamic forces, inertia forces and the stiffness of the structure.

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