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The positive manoeuvring limit load factor for a light aeroplane in the normal category in the clean configuration may not be less than:
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

EASA regulations for flight manoeuvring envelope
The load factor and speed limits for a given aircraft are strictly regulated by EASA. The requirements are described in CS-25 (Certification Specification 25) for transport aircraft MTOW > 5 700 kg and in CS-23 for smaller aircraft MTOW < 5 700 kg.

Note: This is not the full description of classification of CS-23 and CS-25 aircraft but it is enough for us to know.

For the CS-25 category, the maximum positive and minimum negative limitation of load factor is:
nMAX = 2.5; nMIN = -1 in clean configuration (high lift devices not extended)

The CS-23 category includes three subparts:

Normal [N] nMAX = 3.8 nMIN = -1.52
Utility [U] nMAX = 4.4 nMIN = -1.76
Aerobatic [A] nMAX ≥ 6

nMIN ≤ 3

If flaps are deployed nMAX = 2; nMIN = 0 are the required limits for both categories.

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