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An aircraft certified under CS-23 has a VA of 181 kt at a mass of 5.7 t. The value of VA at a mass of 4.1 t is:

  • A

    130 kt

  • B

    213 kt

  • C

    154 kt

  • D
    252 kt

Maneuvering Speed (VA) is the speed at which an airplane will stall before exceeding its maximum load limit. To calculate the VA we multiply the stall speed (VS1) by the square root of the load factor (n).

  • VA = VS1 x √n

VA is just a stalling speed. Thus, it varies with mass:

  • New VS = Old VS x √Change in mass factor

New VA = 181 x √ (4100 / 5700)

New VA = 181 x 0.8481

New VA = approx. 154 kt

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