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In a fly-by-wire aircraft, what are the two main parameters that might be maintained with the control wheel or stick neutral, in Pitch Normal Control Law?

1. Maintain the Speed
2. Maintain the Attitude
3. Maintain the thrust
4. Maintain the fuel flow

  • A
    1 and 2.
  • B
    1 and 3.
  • C
    2 and 3.
  • D
    3 and 4.

In all of the computations performed by the autopilot computer (the signals processor) “control laws” are taken into account. These determine how the control demands are translated into control movements - in other words the translation of computer input data to computer output control surface deflection data. Among control laws there are for example: high angle of attack, high speed, pitch attitude (30° pitch-up & 15° pitch-down), bank angle, load factor.

With the control Wheel or stick neutral, there are two main parameters that main be maintained: Speed and Attitude.

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