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Calculate the turn radius for an aircraft with a TAS of 120 kt and a 60° bank angle.
(Assume g = 10 m/s2)
  • A
    550 m
  • B
    220 m
  • C
    739 m
  • D

    2 000 m

The formula to work out radius of turn is;
Radius = (TAS)2 / (g x tan(bank angle))

Where g = the acceleration due to gravity, usually 9.81 m/s2, but assumed to be 10 m/s2 in some questions, like this one.
All units are in metric. Radius (m), TAS (m/s), g (m/s2).

First lets convert 120 kt into metres per second. 120 kt is 120 nautical miles per 1 hour, so multiple by the amount of metres in a nautical mile [1852] (now you have metres per hour). Then divide by the amount of seconds in an hour [3600]. Now you have metres per second.

TAS = 120 kt x 1852 / 3600 = 61.73 m/s

Substituting the known figures into the radius formula above, we get;

Radius (m) = (61.73)2 / (10 x tan(60º)) = 220 m

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