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If the headwind increases by 10 kt, the maximum endurance speed will...
  • A
    increase by one half of the headwind.
  • B
    increase by 10 kt.
  • C
    remain unchanged.
  • D
    decrease by 10 kt.

Wind influence on Range and Endurance

Wind speed is an important practical influence on gliding distance over the surface.

  • With a tailwind, the glide distance achieved will be increased as a result of the increased groundspeed.
    Whereas with a headwind, it will be reduced because of the consequently slower groundspeed.
  • The wind has no effect on endurance. Endurance is about time in the air, not distance covered. Maximum endurance is concerned with minimizing fuel flow and wind does not affect the fuel flow into the engine. As long as it has usable fuel in its tanks, an aircraft will still remain airborne.

RANGE Glide Distance (Varies with wind)
=> Tailwind increases glide distance
=> Headwind decreases glide distance
ENDURANCE Glide Duration (Varies with mass)
=> Low mass increases glide duration
=> High mass decreases glide duration

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