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During flight, the pilot notices that he/she does not have enough final reserve fuel. The aircraft is 40 minutes away from the departure (A) and 50 minutes to the destination (B). There is a runway of another aerodrome (C) in sight but ATC reports that the weather is below minimum. What should he/she do?
  • A
    Declare an emergency and ask ATC for further instructions.
  • B
    Continue to B.
  • C
    Land at C.
  • D
    Return to A.
It is important to note that the aircraft does not have enough fuel to continue to the destination or to return to the departure airfield, which could result in an emergency landing in a remote area. The best choice would be to land at C (even if the weather is below minimum) where there would be help within a short time in case of an emergency landing. ATC would also be prepared to assist the flight crew during the approach.

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