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According to AIR OPS, the operator is required to provide an Operations Manual:
  • A
    For operations staff.
  • B
    For all company personnel.
  • C
    For the Authority.
  • D
    Only for flight crew.

ORO.MLR.100 Operations manual – general

(a) The operator shall establish an operations manual (OM) as specified under 8.b of Annex IV to Regulation (EC) No 216/2008.

(b) The content of the OM shall reflect the requirements set out in this Annex, Annex IV (Part-CAT), Annex V (Part-SPA), Annex VI (Part-NCC) and Annex VIII (Part-SPO), as applicable, and shall not contravene the conditions contained in the operations specifications to the air operator certificate (AOC), the SPO authorisation or the declaration and the list of specific approvals, as applicable.

(c) The OM may be issued in separate parts.

(d) All operations personnel shall have easy access to the portions of the OM that are relevant to their duties.

(e) The OM shall be kept up to date. All personnel shall be made aware of the changes that are relevant to their duties.

(f) Each crew member shall be provided with a personal copy of the relevant sections of the OM pertaining to their duties. Each holder of an OM, or appropriate parts of it, shall be responsible for keeping their copy up to date with the amendments or revisions supplied by the operator.

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