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During an overwater flight, all engines on a commercial multi-engined jet aircraft fail and you are in a state of emergency. You decide to make an emergency landing (ditching). Which of the following has the highest priority?

  • A

    Instruct all passengers to put on, and inflate, their lifejackets.

  • B
    Make sure that the passengers remain seated.
  • C

    Let someone know your plans and needs.

  • D
    Maintain control of the aircraft.
"Aviate, Navigate, Communicate” teaches pilots to fly the airplane first, ensuring its control and safety; then navigate, and once the situation is under control, communicate. We can employ a similar tactic if we face an emergency.
  • It is the cabin crews' duty to prepare and secure the cabin for ditching and brief the passengers. Pilots should focus on achieving a successful ditching.
    As you can see, making PAs to passengers ("communicate") comes last on the list of pilots' priorities, especially in an emergency situation.

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