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If an Operator has a specific approval to transport Dangerous Goods (DG), its procedures to ensure their safe handling should include information and instructions on..
  • A
    training as regards UN codes for DG.
  • B
    inspection for damage, leakage or contamination.
  • C
    the harmful effects of different types of radiation.
  • D
    the chemical composition and means of detection of DG.

Regulation (EU) No 965/2012
SPA.DG.105 Approval to transport dangerous goods

To obtain the approval to transport dangerous goods, the operator shall in accordance with the technical instructions:

(a) establish and maintain a training programme for all personnel involved and demonstrate to the competent authority that adequate training has been given to all personnel;
(b) establish operating procedures to ensure the safe handling of dangerous goods at all stages of air transport, containing information and instructions on:

(1) the operator’s policy to transport dangerous goods;
(2) the requirements for acceptance, handling, loading, stowage and segregation of dangerous goods;
(3) actions to take in the event of an aircraft accident or incident when dangerous goods are being carried;
(4) the response to emergency situations involving dangerous goods;
(5) the removal of any possible contamination;
(6) the duties of all personnel involved, especially with relevance to ground handling and aircraft handling;
(7) inspection for damage, leakage or contamination;
(8) dangerous goods accident and incident reporting.

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