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Before take off, the aircraft went through anti-icing procedure. After take off it turned out that only half of aircraft was protected/covered by anti-icing. Who is responsible for this?
  • A
    employees of the company dealing with anti-icin
  • B
    company dealing with anti-icing
  • C
  • D
    Pilot and company dealing with anti-icing take the responsibility together

Refer to figure.

ICAO Doc 9640

1.5 The person responsible for the de-icing/anti-icing process must be clearly designated, trained and qualified. This person checks the aeroplane for the need to de-ice, initiates de-icing/anti-icing if required, and is responsible for the correct and complete de-icing/anti-icing treatment of the aeroplane. The final responsibility for accepting the aeroplane after de-icing/anti-icing rests, however, with the pilot-in-command.

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