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Who shall notify the applicable States and organisations, if an aircraft has been subjected to an act of unlawful interference and has landed in an ICAO Contracting State?
  • A
    The ICAO Contracting State where the aircraft has landed.
  • B
    The Pilot-in-Command.
  • C
    The ICAO Contracting State from where the aircraft departed.
  • D
    The Operator of the aircraft.
ICAO Annex 17
Chapter 5. Management of Response to acts of Unlawful Interference

5.2 Response

5.2.5 Each Contracting State in which an aircraft subjected to an act of unlawful interference has landed shall notify by the most expeditious means the State of Registry of the aircraft and the State of the Operator of the landing and shall similarly transmit by the most expeditious means all other relevant information to:

a) the two above-mentioned States;
b) each State whose citizens suffered fatalities or injuries;
c) each State whose citizens were detained as hostages;
d) each State whose citizens are known to be on board the aircraft; and
e) the International Civil Aviation Organization.

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