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In accordance with the OPS regulations, a single deck aeroplane, equipped with an approved seating capacity of 71 seats and carrying passengers, must be equipped with at least:
  • A
    2 megaphones if there are more than 31 passengers on board.
  • B
    2 megaphones.
  • C
    3 megaphones.
  • D
    1 megaphone.

Regulation (EU) No 965/2012
CAT.IDE.A.270 Megaphones

Aeroplanes with a MOPSC of more than 60 and carrying at least one passenger shall be equipped with the following quantities of portable battery-powered megaphones readily accessible for use by crew members during an emergency evacuation:

    1. For each passenger deck:

Table 1 – Number of megaphones

Passenger seating configuration

Number of megaphones

61 to 99


100 or more


    1. For aeroplanes with more than one passenger deck, in all cases when the total passenger seating configuration is more than 60, at least one megaphone.

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