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According to the applicable operational requirements, the Operator shall establish and maintain a Flight Data Monitoring programme, and appoint a post-holder responsible for the programme. The responsible for the programme is:
  • A
    Compliance Monitoring Manager.
  • B
    Accountable Manager.
  • C
    Quality Manager.
  • D
    Safety Manager.

Regulation (EU) 2015/1329
ORO.AOC.130 Flight data monitoring – aeroplanes

(a) The operator shall establish and maintain a flight data monitoring programme, which shall be integrated in its management system, for aeroplanes with a maximum certificated take-off mass of more than 27 000 kg.
(b) The flight data monitoring programme shall be non-punitive and contain adequate safeguards to protect the source(s) of the data.

AMC1 ORO.AOC.130 Flight data monitoring – aeroplanes

(a) The safety manager, as defined under AMC1-ORO.GEN.200(a)(1), should be responsible for the identification and assessment of issues and their transmission to the manager(s) responsible for the process(es) concerned. The latter should be responsible for taking appropriate and practicable safety action within a reasonable period of time that reflects the severity of the issue.

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