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A CAT operator requires specialist work (which falls under the scope of the CAT operator’s approval) to be carried out by an outside contractor. The contractor’s approval to do these activities has NOT yet been granted by the competent authority. Is it still possible for the contractor to undertake the work for the operator?

  • A

    Yes, provided the contractor obtains individual approvals for their employees undertaking the work, and agrees with the operator to take full responsibility for the work, in writing.

  • B

    No, because the overall responsibility for the work rests with the contractor, the contractor must have received their approval.

  • C

    No, this work must be done by the operator because it falls under the scope of their approval.

  • D
    Yes, under the approval and oversight of the operator as a subcontracted activity.

ORO.GEN.205 Contracted activities

(a) When contracting or purchasing any services or products as a part of its activities, the operator shall ensure all of the following:

(1) that the contracted or purchased services or products comply with the applicable requirements;
(2) that any aviation safety hazards associated with contracted or purchased services or products are considered by the operator's management system.

(b) When the certified operator or the SPO authorisation holder contracts any part of its activity to an organisation that is not itself certified or authorised in accordance with this Part to carry out such activity, the contracted organisation shall work under the approval of the operator. The contracting organisation shall ensure that the competent authority is given access to the contracted organisation, to determine continued compliance with the applicable requirements.

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