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Can TREND and TAF reports be found in scheduled HF and continuous VHF VOLMETs?

  • A
    These reports are prohibited in both HF and VHF VOLMETs.
  • B
    TAFs are contained in both whenever it is possible.
  • C
    TAFs are scheduled VOLMETs only if available.
  • D
    TRENDs are in both VOLMETs if available.

VOLMET. Meteorological information for aircraft in flight.

Meteorological information about multiple aerodromes in a certain region is sent to aircraft during flight by a pre-recorded voice broadcast, called VOLMET. It is a continuous automated voice message about actual weather conditions and forecasts.

VOLMET broadcast on HF consist of weather messages such as METAR, SPECI and TREND as well as (based on regional agreements) TAF and SIGMET. Therefore, its content is similar to these messages.

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