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The height of the lifting condensation level is determined by:
  • A
    temperature at surface and air pressure.
  • B
    temperature and dew point at the surface.
  • C
    wind and dew point at the surface.
  • D
    wet adiabatic lapse rate and dew point at the surface.
CONDENSATION LEVEL. Is the height at which the rising air, cooling adiabatically, has cooled to the dew point temperature (temperature = dew point). Any further ascent and cooling will result in condensation and the formation of cloud. This will be the height of the base of the cloud.
  • With surface temperature and dew point => we can estimate the height of cloud base.

Cloud base = (surface temperature – surface dew point) x 400

Considering the above, we can say that the height of the condensation level can be determined from the surface temperature and dew point.

  • If the dew point is significantly lower than temperature => condensation level is at a higher altitude.
  • On the other hand, if the difference between the surface temperature and the surface dew point is not significant => condensation level will be at lower altitude.

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