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The weather forecast for a low level route includes a warning of possible moderate to severe turbulence.
When in-flight and operating along this route, which of the following would provide the most up-to-date information which could help the pilot to avoid the worst turbulence?
  • A
    The AIRMET forecast system for low level flights includes warnings about hazards and is updated at regular intervals; broadcasts can be accessed by flight crews at any time.
  • B
    Pilots operating on low level routes are able to access SIGMET broadcasts containing information on all forms of turbulence including that associated with convective clouds.
  • C
    Pilot reports can provide the most valuable information on any weather hazards, including turbulence, that is useful to other pilots approaching the same area.
  • D
    GAMET broadcasts provide a valuable source of information about en-route weather for low level flights, including turbulence, and these are updated hourly.

LOs reference Describe that forecasts of turbulence are not very reliable and state that pilot reports of turbulence are very valuable as they help others to prepare for or avoid turbulence.

Pilots have multiple sources of information that they can rely on when we talk weather hazards (i.e. turbulence). One of the most trustworthy sources is the flight crew flying ahead => This way pilots pass the information in real time.

Also, such details are reviewed during pre-flight weather briefings, which include not only forecasts of turbulence but also pilot reports.

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