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Refer to figure.
What weather conditions are expected at Paris airport (LFPO) around 0550 UTC?
  • A
    23014KT 3000 +RA SCT008 OVC025 15/13 Q1004 NOSIG=
  • B
    22020G36KT 1500 TSGR SCT004 BKN007 BKN025CB 18/13 Q1009 BECMG NSW=
  • C
    20004KT 8000 SCT110 SCT250 22/08 Q1016 NOSIG=
  • D
    26012KT 9999 SCT025 SCT040 14/09 Q1018 TEMPO 5000 SHRA=

Refer to figures.

The chart is valid at 0600 UTC, which is fairly relevant to the time stated in the question (0550 UTC) => we can assume that approximately the same conditions will exist.
Looking at the chart, we can see that Paris Airport (LFPO) is located just ahead of a warm front.
Ahead of a warm front, we can expect steady continuous moderate to heavy rain from overcast clouds (generally, Nimbostratus). Moderate to poor visibility can also be expected. Winds usually blowing from a southwesterly direction (evidenced by the isobars distribution of the chart).

The METAR which best describes the above conditions is:
23014KT 3000 +RA SCT008 OVC025 15/13 Q1004 NOSIG=

  • 23014KT = wind 230º at 14 kt
  • 3000 = visibility 3000 m
  • +RA = heavy rain
  • SCT008 = scattered clouds at 800 ft
  • OVC025 = overcast clouds at 2500 ft
Note: Thunderstorms and showers are normally associated with cold fronts, not a warm fronts.

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