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Which person is entitled to request the uplift of Extra Fuel?
  • A
    The operator.
  • B
    The commander.
  • C
    The flight dispatcher.
  • D
    The head of flight operations.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The modifications resulting from the updated fuel policy regulations, which came into effect on October 30, 2022, are only changes in wording but nothing really new. The terminology "extra fuel" has been replaced with "discretionary fuel." EASA has clarified that the calculations and procedures pertaining to fuel calculations will remain unchanged, and there will be no inquiries regarding the "new extra fuel" concept.
  • extra fuel, include anticipated delays or specific operational constraints that can be predicted
  • discretionary fuel, include a quantity at the sole discretion of the commander
For reference, additional information can be found in EASA's AIR OPS documentation.

It appears that EASA has not yet revised this question. Please inform us if you encounter it in your official exam. In such instances, based on the previous regulation, the commander is responsible for reviewing the mass and balance of the airplane before takeoff and ensure the safety of the flight, he can request uplifting of extra fuel onboard if he see theres is a need for that.

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