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While making mass and balance calculation for a particular aeroplane, the term "Basic Empty Mass" (BEM) applies to the sum of airframe, engine(s), fixed ballast plus:
  • A
    all the oil and fuel.
  • B
    all the consumable fuel and oil, but not including any radio or navigation equipment installed by manufacturer.
  • C
    unusable fuel and full operating fluids.
  • D
    all the oil, fuel, and hydraulic fluid but not including crew and Traffic Load.
Basic Empty Mass (Basic Mass): It is the mass of an aeroplane plus standard items such as:
  • Lubricating oil in engine and auxiliary units.
  • Fire extinguishers
  • pyrotechnics
  • emergency oxygen equipment; supplementary electronic equipment.

Basic Empty Mass are determined by the manufacturer.
Basic Empty Mass doesn’t include mass of crew and crew baggage, those are included in Dry Operating mass which is determined by the operator).

Correct Answer: unusable fuel and full operating fluids.

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