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Refer to figure.
Determine what would be the change in DOI if a cockpit crew with the standard mass occupies Observer Seat 1.
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The corresponding value from the table is: -0.0158

The standard mass of a flight crew member is 85 kg ⇒ 85 × -0.0158 = -1.343

Regulation (EU) No 965/2012
AMC2 CAT.POL.MAB.100(d) Mass and balance, loading

Mass Values for Crew Members
(a) The operator should use the following mass values for crew to determine the dry operating mass:
(1) actual masses including any crew baggage; or
(2) standard masses, including hand baggage, of 85 kg for flight crew/technical crew members and 75 kg for cabin crew members.
(b) The operator should correct the dry operating mass to account for any additional baggage. The position of this additional baggage should be accounted for when establishing the centre of gravity of the aeroplane.

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