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You are conducting a flight with a light jet aircraft with a Maximum Structural Take-off Mass of 8 450 kg. On this exceptionally cold and dry winter day, your Performance-Limited Take-off Mass is equal to 8 200 kg and your taxi fuel is equal to 80 kg. The Regulated Take-off Mass is...
  • A
    8 200 kg.
  • B
    8 330 kg.
  • C
    8 450 kg.
  • D
    8 280 kg.

The Maximum Structural Take-off Mass (8 450 kg) is a limitation given by the manufaturer, and is a hard limit to the take-off mass, no matter the conditions.

The Performance Limited Take-off Mass (8 200 kg) is the take-off mass limited by departure airfield considerations, such as runway length, obstacles, temperature, altitude and humidity and derived from performance calculations.

The Regulated Take-off Mass is the maximum permitted take-off mass of the aeroplane at the start of the take-off run and the lower of the Performance Limited Take-off Mass and the Maximum Structural Take-off Mass, which means it is 8 200 kg.

NOTE: The taxi fuel is a fuel amount burnt before take-off and is irrelevant to the question.

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