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The maximum intensity floor loading for an aeroplane is given in the Flight Manual as 650 kg per square metre. What is the maximum mass of a package which can be safely supported on a pallet with dimensions of 80 cm by 80 cm?
  • A
    416 kg
  • B
    101.6 kg
  • C
    1 015.6 kg
  • D
    41.6 kg
There are two floor loading limits to be considered:
  • The distribution load intensity, either floor area or contact area.
  • The running (linear) load.

The Maximum Distribution Load Intensity is the maximum static mass per unit area, which the floor is designed to continuously carry and can be calculated by dividing the maximum load by the floor area it covers or the contact area: Maximum Distribution Load Intensity = Max Load / Contact or Floor Area.

Solving the above the formula for Max Load, we get: Max Load = Maximum Distribution Load Intensity x Floor Area = 650 kg/m2 x (0.80 m)2 = 416 kg.

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