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When performing the FMS pre-flight set-up, the pilot notices that the current navigation database is out of date. Which of the following is the action he/she should take before continuing the FMS initialisation? The pilot should:
  • A
    Change the date via the on-board clock.
  • B
    Download a new database via ACARS.
  • C
    Select a new database from the EFB.
  • D
    Select the valid database.

The navigation database needs to be updated after 28 days of use. If the database is not updated, it is not allowed to be used for navigational purposes. Before using the active database for navigation, the pilots have to verify that it has not already expire.

The FMS can be pre-loaded with a second, "standby" database. When the active database reaches its date of expiry, the standby database becomes effective and can be used for navigation.

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