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How does the oncoming stall of a large transport airplane appear?
In the form of:
  • A
    A natural buffeting which occurs prior to the simulated buffeting.
  • B
    Control stick vibrations simulating natural buffeting.
  • C
    An orange light on the warning display.
  • D
    A bell type warning.

In large transport aircraft, the natural buffet is simulated to indicate the oncoming stall. This is accomplished by a stick shaker which is connected to the control column.

For an aircraft mounted with both the stick shaker system and stick pusher system, the sequence of events is as follows:

  1. First as a warning of impeding stall, the stick shaker will activate and a corrective action by the pilot is expected.

  2. As the angle of attack keeps increasing and reaches a pre set dangerous value that might be unrecoverable, the stick pusher will activate and force the nose down. The stick shaker will stay active during the entire duration of the stick pusher, but not vice versa.

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