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Complete the following sentence:

Your aircraft is equipped with TCAS II and another aircraft in close proximity is also equipped with TCAS II. The intruder will be displayed as a (1) _____ on the ND, and a (2) _____ aural message will be generated in case of a climbing RA.

  • A
    (1) yellow circle; (2) CHANGE FROM CLIMB TO DESCENT.
  • B
    (1) solid amber diamond; (2) CLIMB - CLIMB.
  • C
    (1) solid red square; (2) CLIMB - CLIMB.
  • D
    (1) red square; (2) INITIATE LEVEL OFF.

Refer to figures.
Resolution Advisory (RA) is an indication to the pilot that a manoeuvre is necessary to provide separation from all threats or there is a need to restrict a manoeuvre and so maintain existing separation. RA traffic is represented by a solid red square with red labelling.

Type Audio Meaning Required Action
RA Climb, Climb Intruder will pass below Begin climbing at 1 500 - 2 000 ft/min
RA Climb, Climb now Intruder that was passing above will now pass below Change from a descent to a climb
RA Descend, Descend now Intruder that was passing below will now pass above Change from a climb to a descent
RA Level off, Level off Intruder is no longer a threat while maintaining this level Maintain current level (no climb, no descent)

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