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An aircraft aligns its gyros for departure at location A. At the end of the flight, at location B, the gyros are misaligned by a remarkable angle. What is this an example of? A gyroscope’s:

  • A

    Horizontal drift.

  • B

    Real wander.

  • C

    Horizontal topple.

  • D
    Transport wander.

Transport wander is the apparent wander due to the change of aircraft position. The transport wander is dependent on the ground speed of the aircraft. If the aircraft is flying very fast, the transport wander won’t be significant as the Earth is rotating only at 15°/h. Additionally, the bigger the travelled distance and the latitude difference between the destination and origin stations, the bigger the transport wander.

Note: “Real wander” Incorrect. Real wander does not depend on aircraft position or transport.

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