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The Synthetic vision system (SVS) shows (1)___ on (2)___ display.

  • A

    (1) Terrain and ground features database; (2) PFD.

  • B

    (1) Terrain and ground features database; (2) ND.

  • C

    (1) Terrain; (2) PFD.

  • D
    (1) Terrain; (2) ND.

Refer to figure. Describe the principle of SVS: an enhanced database used as reference to provide terrain and ground features to be shown on the PFD; limitations due to being a synthetic image not based on actual sensory information thus not lowering landing minima; implications if aircraft position accuracy becomes reduced.

Synthetic vision systems (SVS) project an animated image of the terrain and ground features on the background of the primary flight display. This enhances the perception of attitude from the usual blue and brown air/ground symbology to an illustrative image of the surrounding terrain, obstacles, water and land, thus creating a seemingly realistic view of the aircraft’s position even in IMC.

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