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If the pilot flying becomes incapacitated, the most important action for the pilot not flying is to..
  • A
    get medical help for the incapacitated crew.
  • B
    take control of the aeroplane.
  • C
    inform ATC and ask for a priority clearance.
  • D
    call one of the cabin crew to the cockpit.

ANY form of incapacitation is serious. As the actual extent of impairment cannot be determined, treat all cases as if they were complete incapacitation.

Your first responsibility is to ensure the safe operation of the aircraft.

The stricken pilot may be suffering from a life-threatening illness. Do not let your natural concern for the victim's health interfere with your primary duty - that of safe aircraft operation.

The mnemonic CHASE may help organize your actions:

  1. Control the aircraft;
  2. Help! Declare an emergency and alert other crew;
  3. Assess the situation;
  4. Secure the victim and cockpit;
  5. Explain your plan to ATC and other crew members.

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