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The Pilot Monitoring (PM) and Pilot Flying (PF) are good friends and have worked together many times. The PF is junior to the PM and respects and trusts him/her greatly. The PF decides not to call out all the required SOPs when using the aircrafts advanced cockpit automation as the PF feels they are excessive. This can lead to:
  • A
    A relaxed environment, allowing both crew to monitor more efficiently their work areas, leading to a better awareness of flight modes, the ability to detect errors more easily, and to better understand the aircraft status.
  • B
    Loss of crew communication, leading to loss of awareness of flight modes, input errors NOT being detected, lack of failure detection, and comprehension of the aircraft's status.
  • C
    An increase in crew communications, thanks to the high levels of automation, allowing the crew to focus their attention on other flight elements.
  • D
    A more synergistic flight crew compartment, as the comfort, confidence and experience of the crew ensures safer operations.

Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Team Resource Management (TRM) are not effective without adherence to SOPs, because SOPs provide a standard reference for the ATC team and for the crew’s tasks on the flight deck.

Even when crew members know each other very well, following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is crucial so that actions are always completed in the same sequence, reducing the probability of missing a step and loss of situational awareness. Plus, SOPs can reduce friction between crew members which might result from the fact that a co-pilot is forced to perform a certain task to the captain’s preference while he/she would probably rather do it differently. If the pilot monitoring is not providing any feedback or making any calls, it is very likely that he/she will eventually be out of the loop and loss of awareness of flight modes will become evident.

It is important to note that when pilot does not conform to SOP’s he/she should be expected to be challenged by the other pilot. Failure to respond appropriately to 2 or more SOP deviation calls by the other pilot will lead them to assume he/she has become incapacitated and will assume control of the aircraft.

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