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Skill based behaviour is based on practice and prior learning, to become part of the "muscle memory", or motor programmes, of your body. Motor programmes are NOT continuously monitored, therefore one should:

  • A

    Assume that the correct actions have been carried out without subsequently checking on the results.

  • B

    Be consciously aware of your actions and check that the appropriate actions have been executed.

  • C

    Take the appropriate action without considering the available options.

  • D
    Avoid relying on checklists and standard operating procedures.

Motor programmes are stored routines that enable patterns of behaviour to be executed without continuous conscious control. Motor programmes are stored in the procedural part of long-term memory and are retrieved when a skill shall be performed. Motor programmes enables an individual to perform more than one task at the same time by freeing mental resources – this way, one task can be performed requiring conscious attention, while performing another one at an unconscious level (motor programme).

Since motor programmes are not consciously monitored, one should check that the appropriate actions have been executed.

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