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You are planning to fly from waypoint A (46°35'00''N, 175°26'39''E) to waypoint B (28°24'00''S, 175°26'39''E). What is the distance between these two waypoints?

  • A
    4499 NM
  • B
    4475 NM
  • C
    1087 NM
  • D

    1091 NM

The two points A and B have the same longitude (175°26'39''E), so what we are dealing with here is, a Change of Latitude along the same meridian, between 46°35'00''N and 28°24'00''S.

For Change of Latitude and Change of Longitude calculations, bear in mind the rule:
"Same hemispheres - Subtract, Different hemispheres - Add".

The two latitudes are in different hemispheres, so add to find the Change of Latitude: 46o35'00'' + 28°24'00'' = 74o59'00''.
1 degree is 60 minutes, so the Change of Latitude can be re-written in minutes as: (74o x 60') + 59' = 4499'.

Also, it is known that 1' along a meridian equals to 1 NM. Therefore, the distance between A and B points is 4499 NM.

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