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Refer to figure.
What is the initial track direction (°(M)) and distance (NM) from BELFAST (BEL) VOR/DME (54°40'N, 006°14'W) to TALLA (TLA) VOR/DME (55°30'N, 003°21'W)?
  • A
    062°(M) and 192 NM
  • B
    066°(M) and 111 NM
  • C
    066°(M) and 192 NM
  • D
    066°(M) and 130 NM

VOR Radial. Sometimes referred to as VOR QDR.
The magnetic bearing of the aircraft from a VOR beacon.

VOR QDM. The magnetic track from the aircraft to a VOR beacon.

To align the plotter with the VOR, use one the publish tracks.
Will be more precise than trying to align with the VOR North (Magnetic North).

Bearings from a VOR are Magnetic, the exercise is asking for magnetic bearings.

True track (T)

Variation (V)

Magnetic track (M)




Unless you are using the real chart from the airway manual, with this annexes it is not possible to use a IFR/VFR plotter to determine the real distance.

The charts are not at a standard scale.
Use the following, 1°of latitude at any point on earth = 60 nm.

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