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Position A = 56°00.0’S, 163°57.2’E
Position B = 56°00.0’S, 171°47.4’W

For the route from A to B the…

  • A
    rhumb line distance is 1440 NM.
  • B
    great circle direction at B is 080°
  • C
    great circle direction at B is 100°
  • D
    rhumb line distance is 1196 NM.

Refer to figure.
Flight is going from (163˚57.2’E) to (171˚47.4’W) on the same latitude.
Rhumb line track: 90˚
Difference in longitude between A and B: 24˚15.4’

Difference between true track at B and rhumb line track is conversion angle.

Conversion angle = Sin latitude x difference in longitude / 2
Conversion angle = Sin 56˚ x 24.25 / 2 = 10˚

As flight is going easterly in Southern hemisphere so:
Great circle direction at A : 100˚
Great circle direction at B: 080˚

Note: We go other way around the World, from complete east to complete west, so we go easterly direction.

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