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True Track: 180°
TAS: 180 kt
W/V: 100°(T)/18 kts

Calculate True Heading and Groundspeed.

  • A
    TH 174°; GS 184 kts
  • B
    TH 186°; GS 182 kts
  • C
    TH 174°; GS 176 kts
  • D
    TH 186°; GS 178 kts

Refer to figure.

Determining Heading and G/S with the flight computer:

(1) Place the centre of the rotating disk on the value representing the true airspeed (180 kt).
(2) Place wind direction (100º) under the true index.
(3) Mark wind velocity (18 kt) upwards from centre.


When the question provides a track => mark wind velocity upwards from centre.
When the heading is known => mark wind velocity downwards from centre.

(4) Place your true track (180º) under the true index.
(5) Slide wind Velocity mark to True Air Speed (180 kt);

  • Ground Speed reads under centre => 176 kt;
    WCA reads between centre line and wind velocity mark => 6ºL.

Using Wind Correction Angle (WCA) and Track, determine Heading:
Wind Correction Angle (WCA) is the angular value opposite to the drift angle, and it refers to the heading angle correction in order to keep your aircraft in the desired track:
  • Therefore, heading = TT - 6ºL = 180º - 6ºL = 174º

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