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An aircraft approaching Rwy 22 experiences a 10° left drift angle. If the runway's magnetic direction is 223° and the aerodrome's magnetic variation is 6°E, what is the true heading that must be followed to land?
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Drift is the angle from heading to the actual track (track made good). It is called left (port) dirft, when the track made good is less than the heading and right (starboard), when the track is greater than the heading.

Wind Correction Angle (WCA) is the angle difference from the aircraft’s actual track (track made good) to its planned heading. It is of equal amount with the drift, but with different sign.

The runway designation markings are shown at the thresholds of paved runways. The marking shows the magnetic alignment of the runway in two digits to the nearest one tenth of magnetic azimuth. For instance, the runway aligned to 223°M, would be shownas "22".

Thus, the Rwy 22's true direction with magnetic variation 6°E, will be: 223°M + 6° = 229°T.

That means than an aircraft approaching to Rwy 22 must follow a track of 229°T.

But, the aircraft during approach experiences a drift angle of 10°L, thus, a Wind Correction Angle of 10°R is required to maintain the required track.

Therefore, the true heading required is: 229°T + 10° = 239°T.

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