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"Integrated range" curves or tables are presented in the Aeroplane Operations Manuals. Their purpose is
  • A
    to determine the still air distance for a wind components varying with altitude.
  • B
    to determine the flight time for a certain leg under consideration of temperature deviations.
  • C
    to determine the fuel consumption for a certain still air distance considering the decreasing fuel flow with decreasing mass.
  • D
    to determine the optimum speed considering the fuel cost as well as the time related cost of the aeroplane.
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5.4 Integrated Range This section allows for detailed flight planning for the cruise. Tables are given as follows:

Long Range Cruise
FL 270 to FL 370

(pages 25- 35)
Figures 0.74 Mach Cruise
FL 210 to FL 370

(pages 36- 52)
0.78 Mach Cruise
FL 290, 300, 310, 330, 350, 370.

(pages 53- 58)
Figures Low level (300 KIAS) Cruise FL 140 to FL 210.
(pages 59 -66)
The tables in this section are identical in use.
The tables are based on a ’differences’ principle, the difference between two gross weights representing a weight of fuel used. The corresponding difference in tabulated distance represents the still air (zero wind) distance available for that weight of fuel used.

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