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Refer to VFR Chart ED-4 from Jeppesen GSPRM 2017.
What is the distance and true course from RODING VOR (RDG, N49°02.5' E012°31.5') to THALMÄSSING-WAIZENHOFEN (EDPW, N49° 03.85' E011° 12.57') airfield?
  • A
    092°, 39 NM
  • B
    272°, 52 NM
  • C
    092°, 52 NM
  • D
    272°, 39 NM

Draw a line between RDG VOR/DME and airfield Thalmassing Waizenhofen. Measure a true course at the Meridian between both locations (272°) and find the distance by comparing the length of your line along a Meridian. Latitude information shows that one grit measures a distance of 30' (1 dash = 1 NM). The total distance is approximately 52 NM.

You can also determine the course by reading the magnetic course at the compass rose of RDG (270°) and adding the variation of 2.5°E (dashed blue line) = 272.5°

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