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Refer to Stuttgart chart 11-2 from Jeppesen GSPRM 2017. What is the MSA for an aircraft approaching from radial 085º when it is 14 NM away from the VOR station?
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Refer to figure.
The Minimum Safe (Sector) Altitude (MSA) is printed on the instrument approach charts. It identifies the minimum altitude that provides a 1 000 ft vertical clearance above obstacles within 25 NM of the navigational facility. It may be given as one value or could be divided into sectors, each sector having a different value. The MSA is for emergency use only.

On the approach charts, the MSA is depicted at the top right corner.

For this approach chart, the MSA between the inbound magnetic bearings 245º and 345º, or between Radial 065º and Radial 165º correspondingly, is 4 200 ft within 25 NM.

Since the aircraft is approaching from Radial 085° (between R065º and R165º) and is 14 NM away from the VOR station, then the MSA is 4 200 ft.

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